Easy Get PokemonGo Pokedex Iphone and Droid Device

The native Sinnoh Pokédex in Pokémon Platinum expands upon that from Diamond & Pearl, with 210 total Pokémon listed. It adds Rotom, Giratina, the whole Eevee line and new evolutions for older Pokémon like Dusknoir and Tangrowth – although it still omits some Sinnoh legendaries.

After seeing all 210 Pokémon you can obtain the National Dex with the entire set of Pokémon in the order they.

pokemon go android iphone

Are you looking to download Pokemon Go on iPhone from any country? you have hit the right site, scroll below to get the link to download Pokemon Go on iPhone from any country. The process is very simple, all you have to do is to change the proxy address of your device and the rest of the process is mentioned below. Read carefully and follow the process.

If you are on the internet, you must have already noticed that the augmented reality game Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm, even when it is available in just three countries right now – USA, Australia and New Zealand. This game is Nintendo’s first attempt to augmented reality gaming and is available for Android and iOS devices. In less than a week, Pokémon Go became a name almost everyone in the world is aware of.

Download & Play Hit Game Pokemon on iOS and android Devices

If you have an Android device not in one of the three countries where Pokémon Go is available, you can download the APK file from the reliable source and install the game easily. However, when it comes to iPhone or for that matter any other iOS device then there is a different workaround.

The game is available on the iOS App Store but only in three countries. To get it on your iPhone or any iOS device here are the instructions. checkmore here

You can now play the famous creature-collecting game on your Android device. If you’re looking to play Pokémon GO, the first place to check is the Google Play Store. However, for the many countries where the app is not available through Google Play, there is also a third-party method that’ll allow you to download the game without using the Play Store. Additionally, hardcore fans can use Game Boy and DS emulators just to play other Pokémon games on their Androids. Game Boy versions of Pokémon are light enough to work well on Android devices. go here

Pokemon and Making Money

If you work at Niantic, which created Pokémon Go, or Nintendo, which owns a third of Pokémon Company, you are having a very good week. The game has decidedly and cataclysmically taken hold of our phones (and lives), and its grip is only tightening. Nintendo shares surged, and the team responsible for invading the “real world” with Pokémon is the belle of the digital ball.

But they are not the only ones benefiting from the viral hit: Wherever there is a sudden, undeniably popular business — especially one that’s starting a conversation across every demographic — there is a side hustle. Or, in this case, many.

“I didn’t know anything about the game. My son and his girlfriend came over and showed me, and we walked around the neighborhood playing it,” says Chris Amburn. “Then they left to head over to other locations and they were driving around.” And that’s when Amburn realized: There was some money to be made here.

Amburn helps her boyfriend, Grant Fowler, with marketing — he’s a driver for a ride-sharing company in Austin, Texas, called Fare (Uber and Lyft are not allowed in the city). So she took her marketing skills and made an ad highlighting their services for Pokémon Go players — the response was almost immediate. “Chris suggested ‘This might be an interesting tie-in,’ and at first, I had no idea about it,” says Fowler, “but she was right on the money.” They say that over the weekend, the number of rides was up, and people were requesting longer routes in order to pass more Pokéstops and increase their chances of happening upon Pokémon.

They aren’t only in it for the money, though. “We’re really promoting the safety aspect of this as well,” says Fowler. “Let the professionals do the driving for you.”

Amburn and Fowler are far from the only opportunists with a set of wheels and some ambition. Kewei Xu has been driving Pokémon Go players around Houston this week, content to let them hatch eggs and find yet more Sandshrews (so many Sandshrews!) while he pilots. He says he prefers that to the alternative. “I saw some teenagers driving around while playing Pokémon Go. Everyone including the driver was looking at their phone,” he told me via email. He saw a few Craigslist and Reddit posts where people offered to drive, and decided to give it a shot. That doesn’t mean he’s sitting out the game entirely. “I play it every time I get a chance,” he says. Even after a long day, “when I see an Eevee in the area, I will run outside again.” (Xu is currently on Level 10, almost 11 — Team Mystic.)

Xu hasn’t had any strangers contact him yet, but he has been driving his friends around and developing a routine. He has a doctrine for Pokémon Go drivers. Their role is as follows:

Drive from Pokéstop to Pokéstop.
Drive under 20 mph so the players can hatch their eggs and avoid, you know, actually walking. (Drive faster and the game won’t recognize the distance being covered.)
Help players explore; drivers can get to locations quicker and see if there are gyms or Pokéstops (or more Pokémon) that users can’t find on foot.

He’s hoping to get a few more interested customers soon. “I think the funniest thing is to watch a bunch of grown men get super excited to see an Eevee,” says Xu. “And do whatever they could to catch it.”

The Pokémon-spurred side hustle is hardly limited to driving. There are Pokémon Go security details, Pokémon Go egg hunters, and Pokémon Go hackers. Nick Shields, a freelancer who uses Fiverr to get gigs, placed an offer on the site, saying he could provide access for international users unable to play the game, which is currently only available in the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand. For a mere $5, Shields lends out his account to allow people to download the game, so they can create their own accounts to start hunting. Shields says he’s had five inquiries so far. A Craigslist poster named Tim put up an ad in San Francisco offering to run around town hatching eggs for lazier users, but when I asked him about it, he said he’d merely put up the ad as a prank. “I wish I could tell you I was making $10,000 a day,” he wrote, “but so far the only responses have been journalists!” Well played.

I did ask Tim if he were to receive any requests for the service, would he follow through? “Probably not … my 14-year-old son thought it was an amazing idea though. He said, ‘Prepare to get a lot of responses,’ and ‘But seriously, that could be, like, a real business.’” Dad’s response? “Don’t take business advice from 14-year-olds!” theringer.com

recommended captcha spammer for login, registration, password recovery, comments

Why captcha code not showing up?

It is possible to occur because some conditions such as:

  • The browser you use yet supports captcha. We recommend using the brwser Goalie recommend get the best results. You can see a list of recommended browsers here.
  • JavaScript on the browser used is not active. Usually on the browser is up to date (latest) JavaScript already automatically activated.
  • Cookies on the browser is not active. CAPTCHA requires Cookies to be able to perform. To enable Cookies in the browser you are using so that the Captcha can appear.

This time discuss some spammer Plugins (Captcha) to the wordpress website. Maybe some of you are annoyed if your website or blog in Spam by people who are not responsible, this Spammer Captcha in addition to ward off spam could also increase the security of your blog or website. To ward off Spam in your blog or website is built with WordPress you can use one of several Captcha plugins below.

Captcha BestWebSoft

This Captcha plugin you can add to the form contained on a web page, a captcha can also be used for login, registration, password recovery, comments. With this plugin you can protect your website from spammers using mathematical logic that are easily understood by humans. What you require is only doing one of the three basic mathematical actions such as add, subtract and multiply. In that respect is also a premium version of this plugin, and the plugin is compatible with BuddyPress (Comment form, Registration Form, “Create group” form) and Contact Form 7.

One of the very cool features of this plugin:

  • Supports more than 20 different languages
  • Allows to add a label to display the captcha
  • Compatible with Form on BuddyPress
  • Easy to Setup
  • Allows for displaying numbers and letters or a combination of both
  • Showing good arithmetic functions on the form.

    The plugin only support in registraion, comments, login and recovery form password (forgot password).

Blue captcha

WordPress captcha plugin Blue highly customized wordpress site to protect you against spam. using the usual methods of captcha images with 30 different background image.

The main advantage of this plugin is its use of “Hosea” method that allows to keep track of a user’s log file and the IP address of the spammer. It is also possible to block the IP addresses of spammers and all list log can be exported to Excel (CSV).

Plugin features:

  • Supports all types of forms.
  • display upto 20 characters in the captcha image
  • Using “HOS – hall of shame” method that allows to keep track of a user’s log files and Ip addresses from spammers.

Sweet captcha Revolutionary plugin

Sweet captcha plugin captcha plugin is a Revolutionary who uses an interactive method of funny pictures, this plugin uses a different method than a boring text input method for irregular and often used by the other, and with the captcha Captcha makes it possible to design your own captcha, so you can freely make Captchas according to your imagination.

The features of this plugin:

  • Support Contact form 7
  • Supports BuddyPress
  • Supports various types of forms for login, lost password, comment form and registration form.
  • Support Smartphones such as the ipad, iphone and android phones.
  • Captcha method which is different than the usual methods.
  • Different categories such as Games, music, sorting and more.

CAPTCHA for wordpress

Plugin captcha provides everything we need in one captcha solution in a single Plugin, and this plugins are the most numerous plugins in the download. This Anti spam Captcha plugins can you put it in your Comments, registration, Forgot Password, login and on any form you want. I never discuss the Tutorials give a Captcha in the Admin Login Area Please read here.

The features of this plugin:

  • Allows to add captcha on registration, login, comments and any form.
  • Facilities trackback and pingback
  • Valid W3C HTML Code
  • Easy to setup via the Admin panel
  • Allows to hide the captcha for user login
  • Compatible with multiple sites wordpress and BuddyPress
  • Akismet Support

6 stupid SEO techniques, don’t do

SEO is always evolving from year to year and according to the theory of evolution, which are not able to adapt will soon be eliminated.

If it used to be maybe we could still play his system. But now because of the algorithm that is constantly renewed, narrower gaps. “Tricks” used to be potent else now so expired. What are the tricks of it?

Never heard of like mind who like glass full? Full glass could not receive fresh water because it is still full of water. Roughly meaning mind already filled with the old mindset is usually rejected the new mindset.

For those of you that glass is full, before reading this article please leave your glasses first.

6. Keyword relevancy and density within the web page content

Foremost, if we desire to optimize articles with keyword “how to lose weight” we’ll apply this keyword in the title, URL, meta-description, the first sentence of the article, the final sentence of the article, and is reiterated several times in the body of the clause.

Although the line is awful to say, it does not count, as long as the keyword density of translucent umpteen percent, so powerful?

Only immediately that such is exactly the risk because even dangle spamming by search engines. At present it’s the big search engines are able to “read” the article.

For Google’s use of system LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing), articles optimized keyword density already lost with articles written in natural.

5. One single keyword focus website

Around the year 2010-2011, Micro Niche Site (MNS) and Exact Match Domain (EMD) is rampant.

I also used to be one of those who enjoy the results because of the time it was easy to get money from the MNS with EMD.

Create that had never heard the term, 2 MNS micro website is just focus on 1 keyword such as “how to heal ambeien”. EMD meaning we use domain names that exactly match the keyword, so for a keyword domain is the last caramenyembuhkanambeien.com/net/org.

Called micro because only its contents a bit, about 5 articles are enough normally.

MNS is now very rare, except for the very low competition keywords. The reason is because Google know if a website like this minimal information. In addition to LSI as well because I mentioned earlier.

4. Many pages many visitors

This one is roughly similar to that of the ancient community misperceptions that Indonesia considers “a lot of children much good fortune”.

Many children was not banned, but if it’s got a lot of child care for her hard because it takes a lot of effort so that these kids can become a qualified person. If wrong care for our future lives thus difficult.

Back to the topic. Many blog owners are vying to make a lot of the article so much as it is his home town believe the perception of yesteryear.

Indeed not wrong but makes many articles it takes effort. Most of us choose the shortcut by creating content that is not weighted or using the services of the author of the article is also not weighted (so cheap).

3. Many articles a lot of visitors

It’s also an outdated perception. Determining the quality of the content is not of the letter but of the contents.

Again because Google and other search engines have been using LSI then they can know the weights of our articles.

This is usually possible if we use the services of the author of the article, because they are paid per umpteen hundred words so they try to somehow trick so that the article can be paid handsomely with

Because I also often use the services of the author of the article, so I know very well what kind of quality of most of the authors of the blog article we meet now.

2. Too focused with the quantity of backlinks

SEO techniques are very popular before the emergence of the Penguin, make Google backlinks as possible.

Since the emergence of the Penguin, Google can already read our quality backlinks. So the number is not important anymore, an important quality.

Create a backlink with a huge number of very-very easy, especially with the existence of the program a bot that could make a backlink from a variety of websites with automatically. Plus the number of backlinks service that promises thousands of backlinks at a low cost.

1. Rely on the technical side

If we look at the changes that occurred within a few years back, Google wants to change the nature of SEO from a technical into marketing or marketing.

It used to be necessary to optimize the website is keyword, URL, title, backlink. But now, the more important thing is how to make good content and marketing it.

Solution: prioritize your website’s marketing, not in terms of technical solutions (keyword, URL, backlinks, etc.). If we look at the types of backlinks which is currently considered by Google is a quality backlinks obtained by means of market our website to others.

Social media must we admit to be very important although it may have no effect directly against SEO.

SEO Makes The Search Results Are Not Natural

It’s virtually all webmasters certainly know what is SEO. As comfortably as any design of a web site without SEO a website would be considered mediocre by search engines. Merely with the rising number of webmasters who implement SEO in addition to the network, then the search results on search engines especially Google becomes patchy.

Supposed to be patchy because in search results on Google for popular keywords contain web – web to find dollars. Indeed the SEO cannot be distinguished from the PayPerPost, AdBrite, Adsense, Affiliate programs, and other programs that purport to make $ . Simply break out the search results for the keyword “make money online”, “download YouTube video”, and “health insurance”. From the title and the description was already clearly seen that an existing web site in the search results for a particular keyword optimation indeed. Attempt to visit one web site is definitely inside Adsense plastered where-where.

In the skill of SEO domain names also have an issue on our web site position in search engines, then don’t be surprised if often find domain names that are long and very look. For instance when searching Google with the keywords how to download YouTube video, top 10 is a web site with the domain name ; [www.download-youtube-video.net.]

With the SEO indeed search results in Search engines on the web-web domination by created with SEO, but the web – a web that does have good content still will have good rankings in the search engines, because by itself it’s a great web site will get a backlink from another website. For example, just Wikipedia.

SEO is indeed able to manipulate search results in search engines such as Google search engine but also continues to develop algorithms, SEO techniques so that there is now this may not apply again in the next few years

3 simple steps your Website first page/Rank 1 in Google

Make sure once you know how to create a blog and enhance your appearance, then learn how to let the Website appear on the first page of Google/Ranking No.1 in various seekers tools. This is very important given the high traffic a blog is generally obtained because of its position can be occupied page 1 on google. This is because nearly all internet users always rely on the search engine to search for any article from a variety of web. In the universe of blogging is also recognized by the term SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization is search engine optimization. The meaning here, we do everything on internal and external websites, we easily indexed and occupied the rank of the best, be it in terms of the domain, articles, templates, and also backlink. All the voices must be understood as one by one in order to be easily understood.

SEO website to the first page or Rank 1 Google actually is not hard, it just requires persistence and tough study. In addition, consistently performing the techniques every day is important to be able to bring home the bacon, it’s because you’re competing with millions of bloggers who accept the same goal, then one day you simply stop doing optimization so certain you will lose competitiveness. For it is commended at least formerly a day update on your blog, especially in the articles and links that lead to sites that we oversee.

The 3 points that must be performed in order to optimize our blog could be the star, i.e. themes and knowledge bases, templates, clauses and link. Each needs its own handling gradually to the utmost and it sets off the first time you build the site which we will originate, i.e. ranging from selecting the composition and its figure is already bound to see what is the most fitting or in conformity with the rules of SEO from the Master, the following explanation:

1. Theme and Domain

Everyone is obliged to find the topic of what will be focused on its website every time you want to start making, this is because the focus on keyword 1 is much better than on a constructed blog with keywords that are diverse because it will definitely compete with which only shares with the keywords that it-that’s it. Make certain you recognize how to use Google Adwodrs Keyword Planner which is its use as a tool to analyze what keywords a lot searched on google every month, because there is no way to produce a website entry on the first page of google if it reverses out the ideas that were hashed out there is nothing to seek or ask it. It is extremely recommended that minimal search, search 5000 times a month.

  • Select Domain – after it was determined the theme of the blog that fit, then take short letter and try to produce a domain or a website address which will be purchased there are similarities of theme or at least include the word of the radicals. That is to say put it this way, for example, only the same question “how to produce a blog ‘, will try later on in its domain there are those words or some of them, e.g. red-pic.com, and others. This social occasion so that google easily read between the relevancy domain and the discussion on the web you are certainly visiting on its placement in the search engines.
  • Domain .com – About how to buy Domain can we already discuss, although not a major factor blog or website is on the first page of Google, but this could throw a small influence, let alone right now a lot of the topics that arose among the bloggers that the TLD (Top Level Domain) influences the attitude of the article beyond just a blog on search. In summation, the trust blog visitors will be higher than using the BBS is now an awesome lot of found that provides tutorials that are not restricted.

2. The Template or theme

This section is already entered on the layout and the look of the website we build, but don’t get me wrong if this is also the most important part to be aware of in order to make our website easy to rank 1 in google, especially how it looks simple and have the loading speed of no more than 5 seconds each time in access, but for more details need to be described one by one.

Because the default theme or template is mostly not interesting and not SEO Friendly then ever before read this:

  1. Make sure it occurs with a Title Tag. For WordPress blog usually stay use plugins like SEO by Yoast, but blogspot users to be by directly setting by logging in to the Dashboard Settings => Base and then mark up his claim. Side by side, in part After the Search Preferences => Enable Description (only enable and clear only because the above description is set up).
  2. Meta description does not get listed in his template. One time once more, please use the Yoast for WordPress, but for those who use blogger then simply make out a brightness in the dashboard section of the settings and at the time of writing the clause. Here’s how, go to Dashboard Settings => Base and then plant up his Description. Side by side, in part After the Search Preferences => Enable Description (only enable and clear only because the above description is set up).
  3. Headings structure settings Available are good, ranging from H1, H2, H3, H4 and beyond. If it’s on blogspot try restarting again in the article title in Bold-and select the Heading 2 in the subdivision of the toolbar at the upper side of it (click on the small arrow near Dana ‘ writing Paragraphs “). And when there are subtitles, advanced then use once more the next Heading, namely Headings 3 and so on.
  4. Not to be blanked out, there should be a feature of “related articles” or “Related Post” at the buttocks of each article because this mapping to reduce the Bounce Rate (a portion of the number of visitors who leave our blogs so have read one article, without interpreting the other articles). If you don’t desire to bother preferably before deciding to hold out a template, then select already equipped ‘ weapons ‘ as if on that point will be affecting traffic, because Google is not happy with the amount of bounce ratenya web is excessively gamy, and will generally be sentenced either a drop in SERP (Search Engine Rank Page).
  5. There is a system of “breadcrumbs” in it to make it easier for Google to recognize the structure in this blog, you can look at the acme of the article title when opening a blog article and it will seem like this: Home => Blogging how to create a web blog.

Other supporting factors

Pics – a great blog Template and could move its position in google is a minimal usage of images in it. Indeed won’t affect the ranking of articles on search engines, but indirectly would give an impact on the number of visitors, because if they have to wait for a long time just to learn the 1st article alone caused the slow loading then the visitor will surely opt to fold it and go on to some other site. The thing to notice here is the background image from the guide, it is recommended you should use color code only.

Widget – Most beginner bloggers who also wanted her blog appears on the beginning page of google is not paying attention to the dubiousness of the use of widgets, most of them are simply pairs of origin is not important, even though the event will ensue in the lading of the blog are also increasingly slows down, other than that not necessarily all we assume people will apply, for example the date widget, animations, and more. If you want to mimic the Master, they generally employ only the latest and the most popular Articles widget and the Like A Box to add social media to their blog readers, the rest they avoid because it does not create good SEO.

3. Backlinks (optional)

The significance of a backlink here are connections or ties from other sites that point to the main page or blog articles. For the moment this is not the quantity that matters but the quality of the link, and most contain anchor text or keywords that meet the topic of the blog themes, for example the question of ‘ how to attain all of these things, and so at least the backlink include either of those words for easy get ranking points from google. And for this we strongly recommend to create a dummy blog optimized continuously every day. In summation, you also have to find out some of the terms in the way looking for backlinks that is safe to avoid google penalty because the result can be really tough.

10 Powerful wpmudev Methods to Increase Page Views and Reduce Bounce Rate on Your WordPress Site

Even if your site traffic and engagement is pretty good, it takes some real work and experimentation to figure out how to encourage more visitors to stay on your site longer than a few seconds and actually click around and check out more pages before closing the tab or hitting the back button.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, and it’s not about to get any easier, either. The average internet user now has an attention span of eight seconds, according to a Microsoft study – that’s 1 second less than a goldfish. If you can’t convince visitors in that amount of time (or less) that your content is of value to them, the extra page views you hoped to get from extra link clicking, social shares, and repeat visits will most certainly suffer.

With all that in mind, we’ll offer some practical advice in this post that can help you maximize those all-important page views on your site.

Before You Do Anything

You can promote your site and try to rack up more page views until the cows come home, but none of that time or energy spent will bring you the best results if your content is junk and your design creates more confusion than enticement. It’s time to get honest with yourself and ask whether your visitors could find the same information elsewhere or whether your theme could use some serious updating.

If you want to get serious about page views, you should look into testing how fast your site loads. Visitors expect your site to load in two seconds or less, so that’s what you should be aiming for. using a caching plugin and compressing your images to help speed up the loading time of your site.

Got these essential things down? Good. Here are some more specific tips, plus related tools and plugins you can take advantage of to help ramp up those page view stats.

Gather Clues from Your Bounce Rate

The Google Digital Marketing Evangelist’s words refer to single-page visits that are followed by no additional action other than leaving the site entirely. If you’re using Google Analytics to track your traffic stats, you can find your bounce rate by navigating to Behavior > Site Content > All Pages. You’ll be able to find the bounce rate for each of your site’s pages by looking at the table on this page.

Without getting terribly specific, an overall bounce rate of 41–55% is about average while 26–40% is excellent. Since Google interprets the time spent on a page and the bounce rate by looking at the time between site entry and last page view, real stats may be off a bit. To get a bit more of an accurate reflection of how visitors are really interacting with your WordPress site, you can try using the Reduce Bounce Rate plugin. This plugin informs Google every ten seconds about any page interaction that would otherwise be ignored or counted as bounced.

The pages with the highest bounce rates will let you know what you should really be focusing your investigative work on. In general, users bounce for two main reasons – either:

  1. The page didn’t serve their expectations, or
  2. It did, but they simply didn’t find anything else relevant enough to click on.

Here are two ways you can combat bounce rate:

Match Visitor Expectations

This goes back to making sure that your content is excellent. Even if you think it already is, there’s still room for optimization.

Here’s a bunch of questions you can ask yourself:

  1. Could high-bouncing pages use some updated facts or research?
  2. Are pages too ‘thin’?
  3. Could the formatting be better?
  4. Could any images or videos be added?
  5. Do they really serve to inform the visitor about the keyword phrase it might be ranking for in Google?
  6. Could the title tags and meta descriptions be improved?

The more satisfied your visitors are with what you give them, the higher the chances they’ll be convinced that your site is worth exploring by clicking on other pages or posts for more valuable information.

Give Visitors More Relevant Stuff to Click On

There’s a big difference between a site that’s been plastered with useless links and a site that cleverly places links to flow nicely and lead the visitor through a series of useful pages based on where they started.

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Break up lengthy posts into a series.
  2. Provide relevant internal links within your content.
  3. Feature popular posts within your sidebar or at the bottom of posts.
  4. Categorize and tag your posts in a value-added manner, then link to those categories and tags
  5. Make good use of excerpts.

Below, you’ll find these link-clicking, page view-loving strategies explained in more detail.

Blogspot Vs WordPress Comparison: Which 1 Should I Use?

WordPress and Blogger are two well-established content publishing platforms. “Should I use Blogger or WordPress for my new site?”, is a frequently asked question from newbies. This comparison post will help you answer that question.

Blogger might not be a viable option in regards to the sustainability of the platform. It doesn’t get much attention from Google now, and everyone has seen the fate of Google Reader and some other products Google decides to neglect.

On one hand Google is one of the most innovative companies with great apps such as Google Photos and Inbox. On the contrary, they’ve decided that Blogger is not something they really believe in for the long haul. That’s what their lack of updates, upgrades, and innovations to the platform tells us.

There’s been minimal to none development on the Blogspot platform for a long time now, so the user interface, the usability, the look and the features feel outdated compared to more modern platforms. They’re simply just patching it up to keep it from completely breaking down. Look at this list of updates. Since the start of 2015, the only significant update to the platform was the introduction of HTTPS. It just doesn’t compare to WordPress, a platform that is continuously updated and improved.

Some of the few changes Blogger has done in the recent years have affected users negatively such as trying to restrict users from posting explicit content, limitations in pagination and even blocking of certain countries.

Blogger: Summary

  • It’s got all the basics covered
  • Very straightforward and easy to use
  • You don’t own your site. Google owns it
  • You need to have a Google account
  • Your URL is yourname.blogspot.com, but you can transfer your own domain name
  • Limited choice of design templates means it’s hard to make your site look different and unique
  • Template Designer makes it easy to change background, column width, font, and colors
  • You can do HTML changes to your template through a browser interface
  • No access to FTP
  • There are no plugins
  • There is a decent number of simple gadgets that you can use to improve your sidebar and footer
  • Integration with your Google Adsense account allows you to add banner advertising and start making money
  • Integration with Google+ allows you yo post on the platform and pull Google+ comments instead of default Blogger comments
  • In case there are issues like someone reporting that you use copyrighted material like pics or videos, Blogger may shut down your site. Same can happen if the algorithm thinks your content is spam. Most sites won’t be affected by this, but it’s important to be aware that you do not have the full ownership of the site before making your decision on what platform to use.

Blogger is a nice place to start your blogging adventure and see what blogging is all about, but it’s limited, outdated and not very future proof. If you have bigger ambitions like creating a professional web presence or building a business, it’s not the ideal long-term solution.

WordPress: Summary

  • WordPress is a flexible solution with many design and functionality options, room to grow and expand your site
  • It’s also the platform to go for if you want complete freedom regarding control, flexibility, and ownership of your site
  • What’s great about WordPress is that it’s an open-sourced software with a vast and vibrant community of developers and designers
  • A wide range of design templates to help you create a pretty and unique looking presence without need of design skills
  • There’s a plugin for anything you want to do, and it allows you to make changes and add features to your site without needing any coding skills
  • Complete flexibility regarding import and export of your content to and from other platforms. If you’re on Blogger and want to move to WordPress, this is your guide
  • Many different official ways of managing your blog and publishing content from web browser based dashboard to desktop clients for Mac and Windows and mobile apps for Android and iOS.

For beginners, there is a bit of confusion surrounding WordPress so let’s clarify that. There are two WordPress versions: the self-hosted and hosted version. Like in Blogger vs. WordPress, the difference between the two WordPress versions is like owning or renting a house.

The self-hosted WordPress is where you actually own your house (you own your site) and this is the version I recommend. The name for this self-hosted version if WordPress.org. The hosted version is called WordPress.com, and that’s the one where you just rent your “house” from WordPress. In many ways, it’s similar to the service that Blogger provides. If you want the full rundown on the differences between the two WordPress versions, click here for my detailed guide.

Take some time and make the right decision

It’s best to make the correct decision at the beginning of your blogging career and not have to make some significant changes to your site a year in or so. Making big changes to your site when it’s established might mean a loss of search engine rankings and a drop in traffic so making the correct decision at the start is important.

Whatever platform you use for your site you have my full support. Blogging is such an excellent activity, a great way of spending your time and I recommend it to everyone. I’m jubilant you’re considering to start blogging and urge you to do so in the hope that you will get to experience some of the great benefits.

It’s amazing to see all the people taking up blogging, starting sites of their own, sharing their knowledge and their skills with the world, building audiences, making friends, and even making money and building careers from their online projects. Good luck and happy blogging!

Very Easy Create Multisite WPMU for beginners

for beginners that uses platfon wordpress would probably feel confusion when it was about to make a multisite (WPMU). How do I install it?

The Codex defines WordPress Multisite as:

NOTE: If you are currently running WordPress MU, you do not need to complete these steps. Your network is already enabled. Once you upgrade to the 3.x branch, you will be prompted to update your .htaccess rules for MultiSite. As of the release of WordPress 3.1, you will need to upgrade WPMU manually. You can no longer use the auto-upgrade tool to move from WPMU to Multisite.

The great thing about Multisite is that the WordPress installation itself is almost exactly the same as a standard installation: it has the same folder structure, the same core files and the same code base. This means that installing a Multisite network isn’t much more complicated than installing a standard WordPress site, and updating Multisite is exactly the same as updating any WordPress site. All of your network’s themes and plugins are stored just once, no matter how many sites you use them on, meaning you’ll be using a lot less server space than if you used a separate WordPress installation for each site.

But there are some differences in three areas: in the admin screens and the way you use them, in the files in your WordPress installation, and in the database tables.

Now that you know what Multisite is and how it can benefit you, it’s time to learn how to activate it. How you do this will depend on whether your site is a brand new one or an established one. It will also depend on whether you want to use subdomains or subdirectories for your network’s sites.

Please read Before You Create A Network in full before continuing.

This guide describes how to install manually WordPress Multisite in your current WordPress installation. more 8 step install manually WordPress Multisite very easy